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Akdemir Prod S.R.L. Company began the work in Romania starting January 2005, the company is specialized in construction on steel and aluminum works, collateral we work on automotive industry. We meet all requirements of the domestic and foreign market. We can count on enclosed area of 30.000 sqm and open area of 50.000 sqm.

Akdemir Prod S.R.L. Company works using pieces and light structure of aluminum profiles, curtain walls, aluminum joinery, aluminum protective systems (stairs, balconies, railing, railings, handrails, etc.). We are specialized in construction and steel works, we have cutting edge technology and advanced engineering support of the highest quality.

Akdemir Prod S.R.L. Company provides typical and atypical steel construction structurea, metallic industry hard works (tanks, floats, hydro, cars, boilers, tanks, chassis car) factory type buildings, housing type buildings, market type buildings, special platforms for constructions, roofing special steel repairs and earthquake disaster prevention, steel bridge construction projects The seriousness of every work can be seen in the source of technology used and the fact that they have been accepted as a member of the European Union Steel on Europe and Steel Association in Turkey.

Akdemir Prod S.R.L. Company distributes packaging for transport steel parts, trailers and transport systems, various conveyors and appliances, garage doors and hallways, storage boxes, cargo trailers, strip production, automotive body, chassis parts.

Akdemir Prod S.R.L. Company distributes and sells at national level anodized aluminum bathroom accessories in a range of colors like rainbow.

Akdemir Prod S.R.L. Company distributes on national coverage soves with or without firebrick, stoves with oven, fireplaces, wood and coal boilers, ranges, convectors (gas), plasma (gas and LPG) electric boilers (40l, 60l, 80l).

Akdemir Prod S.R.L. Company also provides design and construction services for civil and industrial steel works, steel structures, other metal works. We expect to find together the most advantageous suited to your business.

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