Akdemir Prod Constanţa execută confecţii şi structuri uşoare din profile din aluminiu, pereţi cortină, tâmplărie din aluminiu, sisteme de protecţie din aluminiu, scări, balcoane, parapet, balustrăzi, mână curentă, etc. Fiind specializaţi în construcţii şi lucrări din oţel, avem o tehnologie de vârf avansată de ultimă generaţie şi suport ingineresc de cea mai bună calitate. | www.akdemir.ro

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Bathroom Accessories in Rainbow colors

Stoves, fireplaces, heaters, convector gas

Aluminium Protective Systems

Household products, camping, craftsmen

 On the category of metal components outside civil structures we have a specialized and dedicated production department for transport and storage industry. Akdemir produce a wide range of folding or walls wheelchairs, industrial platforms steel wheeled or with steel rims and hard rubber rail, crates, containers and storage boxes, made of tubular profiles in any size and color for operational efficiency.

We made by order any type of industrial or domestic cart adapted to your needs. Each cart goods is characterized by a robust construction, allows use in any application, indoor or outdoor.

Our carts are built for industrial use, so they use a minimum period of 36 months to comply with the conditions for use. Carts with folding handles are easy to use, does not require trained staff, allows easy storage and can be used for loading and unloading operations by merchandise distribution trucks.

The Facade Systems AKM - AGC are made with modern facade curtain walls shaped of a proper structural system consisting of uprights (vertical elements) and rods or beams (horizontal elements), panels mounted on its structural system (transparent glass panels fixed or mobile or opaque panels).

Curtain walls AKM - AGC not only a solution for office buildings, hotels, offices, shopping centers and banks, but also for interior closures or construction of skylights (self-supported or applied on steel structures, concrete, or wood). The facade can open or drag due to low thermal conductivity, glass is a material that provides good protection against excessive summer heat and winter cold, having no rival in this way from any other material, from the point of view of thermal insulation..

The windows are designed so that they do not stand outside the frame, the module of assembly is extremely easy compared to other known systems of this type on the market. Facades AKM - AGC provided become a hinged construction, designed to comply with any possible deformation of the building (due to earthquakes, vibrations, etc.), or any expansion or contraction of aluminum profiles without losing its resistance to wind pressure or of impermeability.

Through its own facade system AKM - AGC we can provide curtain walls and skylights can achieve great conceptual diversity of created elements. The standard insulated system for vertical curtain walls offer - based on the wide pinch caps program - countless design possibilities with various colors for facade great looking with easy fast and installation. (high workability).

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