Akdemir Prod Constanţa asigură constucţii tipice şi atipice din otel, lucrări de confecţii metalice pentru industria grea (bazine, flotoare, hidrocentrale, vagoane, cazane, cisterne, şasiu vagon), clădiri tip fabrică, clădiri tip locuinţe, clădiri tip marketuri, platforme speciale pentru utilaje, acoperişuri speciale din oţel, reparaţii şi lucrări de prevenire a dezastrelor cutremurului, proiecte privind construcţia podurilor din oţel. | www.akdemir.ro

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Bathroom Accessories in Rainbow colors

Stoves, fireplaces, heaters, convector gas

Aluminium Protective Systems

Household products, camping, craftsmen

 Based on the documents provided by the client, depending on its requirements, the project starts with the concept of 3D geometric model and detail drawings using designing programs, continues with concept of structural design and calculations provided by a program specialized in finite element calculation. The calculations are performed using Romanian standards and Eurocode standards, assure the verification and optimization of the structure, provide sketches and views of generated and calculated structure with corresponding calculation notes.

The first step in the authorization process of construction is to obtain the Planning Certificate. This document is only informative, don't provide the right to start the construction execution. The plan construction execution is aproved by the Planning Office of City Hall. Obtaining the building permit is required for construction execution. If you plan to make construction is good to know that the building permit is issued by municipalities related only after you have received the Planning Certificate permission.

The technical project completed with execution details is the base of construction execution. Is prohibited any construction execution without a technical project documentation. The technical project is made following the indications of the Planning Certificate, according the rules and regulations applied (valid in the construction design area), and customers wishes. Every technical project will always be stamped by at least one resistance checker, an architecture checker and sometimes by one specialist as appropriate depending on the facilities design, electrical, plumbing or heat instalations.

The technical project is a synergy of specialties, visions and experiences with a multitude of requirements, for the beneficiary and legal, technological, ease, functional, resistance and reliability requirements, safe operation in case of special situations, economic efficiency in the execution and operation.

We became trusted partners with responsibility on respecting and fulfilling customer requirements, we have a creative approach to projects and always we find the best ways to shape customer ideas and visions. We obtain time savings and cost reductions through project management - one specialist responsible for all phases of design, we detail a real control of costs and deadlines through integrated design services, execution and service. We expect you to meet and to convince that we can be the solution of your espectations.

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