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 The staircase, balustrade, balcony, parapet, or handrail are architectural elements with a dual role: protective and aesthetic of a building or structure. These elements define the main part, continuous or not, straight or curved, that can be made of aluminum or other materials combined (wood, glass, metal, etc.), for stairs, platfoms or a suspended or fixed roadways, added on one or both sides. All elements of protection systems can be installed both indoors (as handrails for stairways) or outside to define the terrace or balcony.

Today the balustrade represents an useful and necessary architectural accessory, a practical and decorative item, may be also manufactured using anodized aluminum (using two color shades as P1 natural aluminum and P7 colored aluminum). A well made and framed balustrade placed as interior or exterior of the house design can help to create a unique style. In case of renovations works, the stairs, balustrades or balcony can help to improve the style, because lends itself to various surfaces: carpet, ceramic or wood. Used with stairs, the balustrade can be used in wide areas: private homes, commercial buildings, public buildings, office buildings, industrial buildings, etc.

Glass is a material highly resistant to bad weather and his association with aluminium provide to the balustrade most durability keeping the new and stylish appearance for very long time. Aluminium glass balustrades can be mounted in any location, at sea areas where salinity destroy any other materials, in the mountain areas where temperature differences can affect the resistance of structures, or in offices and private homes as easy maintenance. Aluminum connection systems, are very durable, provides great rigidity any type of glass balustrades, are equally elegant and suitable in an office, expressing transparency and create a business environment.

Based on that glass and aluminum are cold materials we introduced the wooden glass balustrades for those who want to enjoy luxurious look of glass. Using laminated wenge, oak, ipe or teak wood the balustrades are also strong imposing the refinement and perfection of detail. Anodized aluminum balustrades are an ideal alternative to stainless steel or galvanised steel balustrades, because can fit in any architectural fashion style. Product quality is incontestable - they have the look of stainless steel without touching the high cost, are professionally made at reasonable prices.

Based on your sketch we can provide the balustrade of your dreams. Let us help you in choosing what is best from a limited selection based on design, form, function, and budget. In addition to standard framing options from our collection of aluminum balustrades, as well we can offer glass panels systems fixed in pillars or aluminum balustrades, designed exclusively for glass balustrades.

Due to the high quality of the material (anodized aluminum) the balustrades have some intrinsic properties as: resistance to corrosion, does not rust, does not become yellow and does not require special care, can be used for a long time on indoor and outdoor environment (resistance to high temperature differences), are resistant to use and abrasion (hardness of anodized layer is comparable to hardened steel). Maintenance of aluminum elements is made by a slight wiping with a soft cloth.

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